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DIY Travel Products

When preparing for your next adventure or business trip, you always want to make sure you bring along items you need.  However, you are required to follow the rules of travel when it comes to liquids.  I’ll go over some of the regulations, but the real fun comes from showing you how to DIY travel products! Be sure to check out my Airport Tricks and Packing Lists post to help you prepare for your next trip.  Keeping reading to get a FREE template download.

The sites listed below outline some of the specific regulations for liquids:

TSA Liquids Rule (US)
EU Hand and Hold Luggage Rules
Hand Luggage Restrictions at UK airports
Narita Airport Restrictions (Japan)
Traveling with Liquids (Australia)

To save you some time on research, all the regulations are extremely similar with exception to things like baby food and prescription medications.  If you are carrying these types of items in your carry-on, make sure you research for where you will be traveling and any layover countries you stop in.

TSA (US) Guidelines:

  • One Quart-sized resealable plastic bag may go in a carry-on.
  • Each container must be 3.4 oz. (100mL) or smaller and fit into the resealable bag (and CLOSE).
  • Pack items that are in containers larger than 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters in checked baggage.

EU/UK and most other countries Guidelines:

  • One 1 litre-sized (1L) resealable transparent plastic bag can be carried into the aircraft cabin.
  • Each container must be 100mL or smaller and fit into the resealable bag (and CLOSE).
  • Liquid containers larger than 100mL must be placed in checked baggage.

Why should I DIY instead of buying from the travel-sized aisle?

You are probably thinking, “Why not just buy the travel-sized products from the special aisle at Target, Walmart or drugstore?”  The costs savings of doing this yourself is definitely worth it if you have ~15-30 minutes.  I suspect you have the full-sized products already at home.  Let’s save some money and make our own!

Here is a quick breakdown of possible savings.  I tried to use the most reasonably priced items for this table, though realistically the brands that most of us use would be more expensive than these mock prices.  You will likely save even more!

ProductStore BoughtDIYSavings
TonerNot Available!$0.33N/A
Body Lotion$1.99$0.33$1.66
Face Wash$3.99$0.33$3.66
Body Wash$1.49$0.33$1.16
Leave-In Conditioner$1.80$0.33$1.47
Total Costs:$20.14$2.64$17.50 SAVED!

DIY Travel Products Preparation

My favorite store (Dollar Tree) has empty travel bottle sets.  I love these things! They are the perfect size for traveling and don’t leak!  When you are planning for a trip that is more than a month away, you can buy these online and have them shipped to your local Dollar Tree for free!  If your trip is sooner, you can easily pick them up at your local DT as they are usually in stock.

Here is a picture of my adorable sized products after I finished filling the bottles.  As you can see, my handwriting is a horrible hot mess!  I always have multiple types of labels available at home so I went a step further and made some custom labels.

Labeling Products

I’m aware not everyone will have labeling items on hand, but after this post you will 😉
Here are some labeling options to fit YOUR budget!

  1. The good ‘ole Sharpie (~$1)
  2. Dollar Tree Labels and packaging tape ($~2)
  3. Avery Labels and packaging tape (~$14)
  4. Avery Labels and laminating sheets (~$31) This is what I used.  You will have A LOT left over for other projects.
  5. Waterproof labels (~$20-40)

Other more permanent options if you want to get crazy organized!

  1. Brother P-touch label maker (I LOVE my P-touch, I have had the same one since middle school!) The link I provided is a GREAT price for this model $34.99 (price may go up)!
  2. Dymo label maker (I use this at work and love it!)

The table lists some of the common items I use for DIY labels. Think ahead for your next project and buy label sizes that can work for multiple projects!  If you want to use the same labels I used, subscribe to Wander Savvy HERE for a FREE template download!

Dollar Tree LabelsHere
Packaging TapeHere
Avery LabelsHere
Laminating SheetsHere

DIY Travel Products Instructions

Adapt these steps to fit the products you choose for your project.

  • First, fill your empty travel bottles!  I won’t walk you through that process 😜.
  • Wipe down the sides. If you spilled, use some rubbing alcohol to really get it clean.
  • Next, print the Wander Savvy Avery label template HERE.
  • Then, carefully peel half of the backing off the laminated full sheet.
  • Next, remove the round labels and place them face down on the sticky adhesive (both the label and sheet should be sticky side up). Continue with the other labels leaving some room in between each. You shouldn’t need the full sheet so start with half and you can save the part you don’t use.

Note: This same process can be done using packaging tape instead of the laminated sheet! Cheaper and still serves as a good water resistant barrier.

  • Then, Cut slightly larger circles around the labels.
  • Put the labels on your filled bottles (or now that I think of it, you could do this before filling the bottles🤷🏽‍♀️ haha🤣)

Finally, step back and admire your pretty DIY travel products!

If you have any questions, leave a comment!

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