Duck and Waffle
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Duck and Waffle Restaurant

Duck and WaffleDuck and Waffle restaurant’s short review:
Good food, ok service, views make it worth it.
See below for my full review of this eatery.

Address: 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
Phone Number: +44 203 640 7310
Hours: 24/7
For Reservations: Click Here
Closest Underground Station: Liverpool Street

Getting in

On this trip to London, I was sick the entire time but still kept pushing on because I was determined to see as much as possible.  The night before my afternoon flight back home, I couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner.  Instead I planned for breakfast.  I wanted to make the most out of my last morning in London and see the sunrise either near the water or over the city.  Duck and Waffle fit the bill with ease, advertised as the Highest 24/7 Restaurant in London.  At 4:45 am, I woke up and made my 7 am reservation online just in case.  I didn’t want to take the off chance that the restaurant would be booked after making the trek over there.

After getting ready, I arranged for an Uber instead of taking the Tube solely because of the time of day (it was dark and probably desolate in the station, and didn’t want to take the chance as a lone female).  The Uber dropped me off across the street from the building.  It was kind of difficult to find the door because you get distracted by the gigantic “Sushi Samba” sign and think you are in the wrong place.  But alas, there was a small Duck and Waffle sign above the door.  I checked in with the bouncer and headed over to the lift (elevator, when in London *shrug*).  The ride up was beautiful because the sun wasn’t up yet and the city lights were still twinkling in the early hours.

Sunrise over London

I was greeted  by the hostess and promptly taken to my table near a window overlooking the city.  It was even more beautiful than the ride up!  There weren’t that many other patrons in the main dining area but it was pretty early in the morning.  The decor was very nice and fancy looking.  Once seated, I ordered the Caramelized Banana (£12)- housemade hazelnut & chocolate spread, vanilla ice cream, peanut crunch; hot water with lemon, and orange juice (£3).  My drinks came out first but it was a very short period of time before my food arrived.  Everything was delicious! Though I wish they would serve an ENTIRE waffle rather than just half.  I was satisfied but I knew I would be hungry shortly after.

The service was ok (I have never seen so many man-buns in my life!), the food was good, but the REAL reason you visit Duck and Waffle is because of the amazing views of London.  I was able to experience the sparkling lights of London and a beautiful clear sunrise over the city.  This was definitely a trip worth taking.


Nitty Gritty Details

Service: Ok.  Food came out very fast, but the waiters and waitress weren’t very friendly or customer serviced based.  Nothing too horrible but there is room for improvement.

Cost: $$ The food is delicious but the portion sizes are small for the costs.

Selection: I only had the breakfast menu but it still had a good selection of breakfast options.

Extra: Even if you only come here for drinks, GO! The view is not to be missed, no matter the time of the day!

For such a nice restaurant the bathroom was horrible.  The lighting was super dark, the fixtures needed to be replaced and the decor screamed murder house.  I would still return to this restaurant but WTF is up with the bathroom??

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