Hotel Review Guide
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Hotel Review Guide

Hey guys I just want to give you a breakdown of how I rate my hotels!  The Hotel Review Guide below goes over the 8 different categories I cover in my hotel review posts.

  1. Overall: This rating takes the average of all other categories.
  2. Check-in Process: Talks about the check-in process and the lobby area.
  3. Room: Goes over the decor, mattress and pillow comfort levels.
  4. Bathroom: Discusses the size, lighting, and product availability.
  5. Cleanliness: No one wants to stay in a skeevy hotel.  I’ll give you the low down.
  6. WiFi: NEED to KNOW information about whether you can post that snap.
  7. Breakfast: Best way to start your day.  Reviews the breakfast options offered.
  8. Location Location Location: How close are you to the main sites and ease of public transportation.

Just a few additional things to note:

  • If there is a long wait because there is only one person working the desk, I will make note of this for you in the check in section!
  • Hotels and cities that have Uber services will be indicated in the location section of the post.

All of the categories I discuss are ranked based on 5 stars.  Five being the best rating and One being the worst.

If you are planning your next adventure, start with a great hotel.  Use this link or the side search bar to find your perfect accommodation!

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post.  Booking your stay through these links will be of no charge to you but I may receive a commission.

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