Ikea Hyllis Hack
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DIY: IKEA Hyllis Hack

ikea hyllis hack

Hey Guys!! I’m going to tell you a quick story of how I ended up hacking the IKEA HYLLIS.  So I did a thing this holiday season… I bought a CRICUT!!! I’ve been wanting one for years and I finally pulled the trigger.  Needless to say, the spending/creating dominoes began to fall pretty quickly after this purchase.  I have a Cricut so that means I need supplies, well if I have supplies then I need storage if I have storage I need a CRAFT ROOM!  Makes sense right?  Don’t judge me.

My second bedroom was deemed spare bedroom/office space since I was house-hunting so I figured might as well add craft room to the mix.  I knew the color scheme I wanted for the room but hadn’t really done much yet (I hate painting!).  Cue the color scheme: Mauve/Rose, Gold, and Black.  I went searching for a unit that had a bunch of shelves, made of metal, fit the color scheme but of course, couldn’t find anything I really liked (that wasn’t SUPER expensive).  So let me know show you how I hacked the HYLLIS shelf unit to EXACTLY what I wanted for under $50!

In this post, I go over all the details but if you just need a quick printable step-by-step guide you can find it here!

I’m a fan of IKEA but not a huge fan of IKEA furniture.  Let’s just say, I’ve fallen through a couch or bed or two.  But I couldn’t beat $14.99!  The IKEA HYLLIS is only $14.99 and had the makings of exactly what I wanted.  So I drove to IKEA, got the HYLLIS and some other things, lost my car keys at closing time, recruited 3 employees to help me find them, found my keys locked in the car because my fob died, luckily was able to unlock the door from the Cadillac App on my phone, and FINALLY made it home.  It was an eventful night, to say the least.  I bought two units because I wanted more shelves.  See below for the full shopping list.

List of Materials:

List of Tools:

IKEA Hyllis (x2) ($30)Drill
Foam Board (x7) ($7)Screw Driver
Marble Contact Paper (x1) ($6)5/18" Drill Bit
Rust-Oleam Flat Black (x1) ($4) or
Store Brand Flat Black (x2) ($2)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks (x1) ($1)Tape Measure
Total Cost <$50Clamps or Heavy Books

If you only need 4 shelves you can create this hack for less than $30!  Now let’s get to it!

IKEA Hyllis Hack Instructions:

Step 1:

The HYLLIS unit comes with simple and straight-forward instructions.  Assemble the first unit on carpet or a sheet, it stops the metal pieces from sliding around.  I read the reviews for this unit and was forewarned that it was pretty flimsy.  If you aren’t adding the additional shelves,  I would suggest adding a brace for more stability.  Also, you can skip to step 4.

Step 2:

Measuring from the top of the assembled unit, mark with a sharpie where you would like the additional shelves.  For evenly spaced shelves, mark every 8.5 inches.  Every other mark should line up with the existing screws.  Be sure to mark each side of the legs, so there should be 8 marks for each shelf.

Once all the marks have been placed, use a 5/18″ black oxide or titanium drill bit to drill each mark.  Do not apply too much pressure when drilling the holes. Take your time or you will end up with a broken drill bit.  I speak from experience.

Step 3:

After all of the holes have been drilled, take the shelves and screws from the 2nd HYLLIS unit and attach them to the unit.  As I was securing the additional shelves, some of the holes appeared to be slightly off and the screws wouldn’t go all the way in.  To fix this, remove the screw and go in at a slightly different angle.  This worked like a charm!

You should have one shelf and 4 legs left from the 2nd HYLLIS unit.  You can save these for another project!  As I decide how I will utilize the extra materials, I’ll keep you guys updated!  With the additional shelves secured, the unit becomes much more stable.  However, I still secured the unit to the wall, just in case.

Step 4:

If you are using Rust-Oleam Flat Black spray paint, you should only need one coat.  Rust-Oleam spray triggers are more comfortable than other spray cans and they always have great coverage.  In spite of this, I had a bunch of generic flat black spray paint left over from another project.  I applied a light first coat to the entire assembled unit.  After it dried, I applied an even second coat.  As you can see, you don’t need to completely cover the top of each shelf since it will be covered by the foam board.

Step 5:

Using the extra shelf from the 2nd unit, I measured the foam board.  I choose foam board because I wanted a thin top to utilize the space for storage containers   However, you could definitely use plywood (for about the same cost).  Next, cut the foam board.
Measure each piece of Marble Contact Paper using the foam board shelves.  Ensure that the contact paper has ~1″ extra after folding over the edge.  The extra paper makes it easier to apply.
Finally, apply the contact paper carefully.  It’s optional, but I also used the hot glue gun to help the adhesive really stick to the bottom side of the foam board.

Step 6:

Attach the foam board to each shelf on the assembled unit using a hot glue gun. Use clamps, books or other heavy items for a secure bond.  I only added glue around the edges and not in the middle due to the time constraint.  You will want to work quickly before the glue dries.  Also, make sure you don’t put the glue too close to the edge because when you clamp it down the glue will ooze out.  The glue dries pretty quickly, so you don’t need to wait too long for step 7.

Step 7:

Stand back and look at your super chic shelf!

Show me your creations in the comments!
Get out there and hack a HYLLIS!

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