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Mowbray Court Hotel:

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Address: 28-32 Penywern Rd, Kensington, London SW5 9SU
Phone Number: +44 20 7373 8285
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Overall3.7 of 5
Check In5 of 5
Room3 of 5
Cleanliness3.5 of 5
Bathroom4 of 5
Breakfast2 of 5
Location4 of 5
Wifi5 of 5

Check In: 5 of 5

I arrived at Mowbray Court in the early evening (~6/7PM) and there were two people at the front desk.  Both greeted me as I approached the counter.  I booked and paid online so my reservation was found quickly in the system.  The entire process was less than 5 minutes.  She gave me a small slip of paper with the WiFi password along with my room key.  The main reception area has coffee and tea available 24/7.  The variety was limited (1 type of coffee, 2 types of tea) but available none-the-less.

Cleanliness: 3.5 of 5

I was situated on the Lower Ground (LG) level of the hotel.  The hallway to my room smelled musty/mildewy (and I was full-on congested with a cold).  I’m not sure if my floor had something to do with the smell but you couldn’t smell it once you got into the room (at least I couldn’t, so take that with a grain of salt).  I have a few pet peeves and this room brought out one of them.  I don’t like when hotels leave water in the iron and the same holds true for leaving water in the tea kettle.  But I digress…The decor of the room matched with the rest of the hotel; dark wood grain furnishings and clean lines.

But BOY was this a TIGHT fit!  The room is excessively small, I barely had enough room for my luggage.  That may be a bit of exaggeration but take my word, this room is small.  Once I got passed the size, the room itself was clean and functional.

Room: 3 of 5

There was a built-in “desk” as soon as you walked in that had a small bench and safe underneath.  They had a kettle, complementary instant coffee, tea and bottled water available.  Above the desk, there were 2 USB ports, 1 UK outlet, 1 EU outlet, and 1 North American outlet.  This was actually pretty cool to see and super convenient.  I assumed that the voltage was the standard 220/240V, so you would need a converter if your device isn’t dual voltage (for my North American peeps).

The lighting in the bed area was nice and bright but the bathroom lighting was a bit dark.  I ended up doing my make up and hair sitting on the bed in front of the full length mirror.  Though the room was small, the mattress and pillows made up for what the size lacked.  The mattress was soft and plush and very comfortable.  The pillows were plush and firm, perfect for a side/back sleeper, so I rested well.

Bathroom: 4 of 5

Despite the size of the room, the bathroom was actually a good size.  There was a hair dryer, glass cup, hand/body wash by the sink and in the shower, and also a shampoo/conditioner available in the shower.  I’m not a fan of rain fall shower heads because I don’t wash my hair everyday but the heat and pressure of the shower were good.  One weird thing to note was that this bathroom was made for a tall person.  I’m 5’3″ and the towel rack was mounted extremely high, at least 6′.  I literally had to use the bench from the desk to close the blinds in the bathroom.  The tile could use some re-grouting and some of the shower door residual adhesive was visible but other than that the bathroom was clean and functional for a giant.

Breakfast: 2 of 5

There weren’t many options available for breakfast but there was just enough to get you over (To be honest, I pulled a Hobbit move and had “second breakfast”).  The selection included bread, some baked goods, bananas, apples, cereal, croissants, orange juice, apple juice, coffee, tea, yogurt, milk, packaged cheese and nutella spreads.  I only went to breakfast for the first morning and it was busy so I couldn’t take any good pictures.  The second morning I went to Duck & Waffle to watch the sunrise 40 stories above London.  Read about the restaurant and KILLER views in my restaurant review here.

Location: 4 of 5* This city has Uber*

I really loved the location of this hotel.  The actual street was VERY quiet just off a busy main road with plenty of food options and very close to public transport.  There were at least two bus stops and an Underground/Tube Station (Earls Court Station) within a 5 minute walk from Mowbray Court.  Being the science nerd that I am, I was able to walk to the cluster of museums off Cromwell Road in about 20 minutes.  Some of the museums in this area include the Natural History Museum (Dinosaurs galore!), Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Science Museum.  Admission to all of the museums listed are free (donations welcome) but some exhibitions hold a cost.
The hotel is really situated in an accessible area, though I’m slightly biased by the proximity to the nerdy attractions.  London Heathrow Airport is about 30 minutes away by taxi/Uber (~£40) and about 1 hour and 20 minutes by Underground (MAX! £5.90).  Drastic difference in price, if you can work in the extra time, take the Tube!  Here is the official Plan your Journey website.

WiFi: 5 of 5

Mowbray CourtBest wifi EVER!  I’m not sure if all rooms include a router/wifi extender? or if it was because I was located on the lower level.  Regardless, the wifi was crazy fast!  I was able to stream on my laptop and browse on my phone at lightning speed.  While the WiFi was amazing, I intended to try and use up all of my SIM card data by streaming movies before I headed back to the States.  The cellular reception was a completely different story.  I didn’t have any dropped calls but FaceTime using cellular data wasn’t great and I wasn’t able to stream without significant buffering.  Ultimately, I switched back to wifi for the remainder of my trip.  I tested the wifi in the lobby and the breakfast area and it worked great throughout both locations.  Mowbray Court is definitely equipped for the technology age.

Overall: 3.7 of 5

If you are looking for a clean, strategically located hotel with JUST enough breakfast options before second breakfast and great wifi, Mowbray Court Hotel is the one for you.  I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again but I would request a room on a higher floor and plan to eat breakfast at a nearby restaurant.  The location is perfect for your inner nerd and to see all the sites London has to offer.

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