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5 Things to Do in Munich, Germany
Other Than Almost Drowning

Back in August 2013, I took an 18-day tour across Europe.  The tour started in London and ended in Athens.  After leaving Lucerne and Liechtenstein, we spent ~a day and a half in Munich, Germany.  In this short time, I saw a little of the Bavarian culture and almost drowned.  How do you almost drown in Munich, you ask?  Keep reading to find out the story and 5 things to do in Munich other than almost drowning.

Bonus: You can read about our next stop in Hopfgarten, Austria and one of the best experiences EVER in this post.


#5 Visit a Museum

Of course, this is the nerd in me talking but I love museums!  And Munich has a bunch of really cool ones.  I didn’t have enough time to visit any but the top two museums on my list were the Bavarian National Museum and the Deutsches Museum.  Munich is a city rich with the Bavarian culture but its really cool to take a look back in time and see how the culture has evolved.

The Deutsches Museum is one of the world’s largest science and technology museums, so this is definitely up my alley.  This museum really caters to all ages and is great for kids (I’m a big kid at heart).

#4 Explore Marienplatz

Marienplatz is the main square in Munich with countless restaurants and shops to explore.  The square can get crowded but its so much fun to watch the street performers and enjoy random celebrations.  During Christmas time, Marienplatz is home to a wonderful Christmas Market!  This is a live view of Marienplatz.

#3 Go Ziplining in Olympiapark

Visit the home of the 1972 Summer Olympics!  Instead of abandoning the giant park made for the Olympics, it is now used for different types of events,  sports, and activities.   The park hosts concerts from classical music to Ozzy Osborne to Nicki Minaj!  Check the event schedule before your visit to make sure you don’t miss out.  If you don’t go to a concert, you can do my favorite thing.  Ziplining (Flying Fox)!  You can do the Roof Climb and Flying Fox guided tour.  Check out these pictures!

#2 Ride a Bike through the English Garden

Are you guys ready for that story about how I almost drowned?  Well, here it is!  We all signed up for a bike tour through the English Garden.  The entire tour was about 4 hours but included time to eat lunch at the Chinese Tower Beer Garden.  The park is so beautiful and lush.  If you are into nude sunbathing they have just the spot to catch some rays.  As I mentioned earlier, it was the middle of a pretty warm August.  Though most of the ride was shaded, you could still work up a sweat especially if aren’t in great shape.

The Story

Towards the end of the bike tour, we stopped at the Eisbach river that runs through the park for a photo op.  The water didn’t look very deep at only about 4 feet.  The guide explained how we would get over to a ledge in the middle of the river and take the picture.  All of this was COMPLETELY optional and the guide told us only come if we felt comfortable.  Insert idiot who can’t swim (Spoiler: I’m the idiot that can’t swim).  I jumped in with the rest of the tour and started to walk with the current over to the ledge.  I made it about halfway there when the guide announced: “Ok everybody, swim the last part because the rocks with tear your feet if you try to walk.”  Well, there went my plan to walk the whole way.

At this point, I realize the current was stronger than when I first jumped in.  I tried my hardest to swim towards the edge but the current was working against me.  And I did the last thing you’re supposed to do, I panicked.  I started swallowing water while trying to hold my head above the water.  Instead of standing up and tearing up my feet, I continued to fight against the water. At that moment all I could think was, “My grandma is going to kill me if I die here.”  HAHA I know it doesn’t make sense but that’s all I could think!  As I’m fighting against the water and thinking about dying,  I feel arms around me pulling me towards the edge.

Next thing I know, I’m thrown against the wall of the river.  Katrina, a girl I bonded with but only met just 5 days prior, was literally saving my life.  She held me against the wall until our bus driver made it around to the other side of the river on his bike.  With his help, I was pulled out of the water.  I made it out alive (flashing a few people along the way) without ONE scratch! Katrina, my hero, and the REAL MVP was all scratched up from the whole ordeal.

I was extremely lucky and blessed that I made friends with a Kiwi (New Zealand) Lifeguard.  There is no telling what would have happened if she didn’t step in.  Needless to say, I was rattled and quite embarrassed.  I have no idea why I jumped into a river when I knew that I couldn’t swim.  And if we are being COMPLETELY honest, this was the 3rd and final time I almost drowned in my life.  I’ve learned my lesson, PROMISE.  I stay away from the water unless I have on a life-jacket.  Even though I almost drowned on a bike tour through a park, I highly suggest taking a bike ride through the English Garden.

Just for perspective, we finished the tour at the end of the river where people were SURFING!  I truly set myself up for failure.

#1 Drink Beer in a Biergarten

Ok back to the NUMBER 1 thing you should do in Munich.  Drink beer in a Biergarten!  Have you really been to Munich if you haven’t?  Don’t think so.  I HATE beer but when in Rome right?  I can’t remember the names of the Biergartens I went to but here is a great post on 11 tips for the perfect beer garden visit.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Munich but try not to drown!


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