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My Hotel Apollon:

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Address: Koněvova 158, 130 00 Praha 3
Phone Number: +420 222 592 414
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Overall3.4 of 5
Check In5 of 5
Room3 of 5
Cleanliness3 of 5
Bathroom3.5 of 5
Breakfast3.5 of 5
Location4 of 5
Wifi2 of 5

Check In: 5 of 5

The check in process was smooth at My Hotel Apollon.  I booked and prepaid online ahead of time so it took all of 5 minutes to finish.  The guy at the front desk spoke English well so that also made the process faster and easier.  The main lobby has a lot of activity, tour, and things-to-do type pamphlets.  You can also buy train tickets from the front desk which is super convenient.  Here is the official site for public transportation.

Room: 3 of 5

BEDThe room was pretty good but the lighting SUCKS.  I’m no makeup artist but it was pretty difficult trying to put on my makeup in the morning.  I opened the curtains and that helped some.  My room had balcony, that had a full window for the door so it let it a lot of good light during the day.  The window opened slightly at the top to let in air.

There were 7 outlets total in the room and bathroom.  Two on each side of the bed (1 is used for the bedside lamp on each side); two by the desk; and one in the bathroom.

The room electricity only works with the room key.  So the old gift card trick doesn’t work because it is tied to the card’s chip.

The mattress is more on the firm side but it isn’t as hard as a rock.  I prefer a softer mattress but I was still able to get comfortable.  The pillows are down right horrible.  They are as flat as pancakes!  I’m a side sleeper so I need pretty thick pillows but even still these pillows are far too thin.  I tried folding it a few times but it still wasn’t thick enough and wouldn’t stay in place while I slept.  Ultimately, I ended up using my travel pillow because even using two pillows did not provide enough support.

Cleanliness: 3 of 5

The room was clean (not immaculate) and tidy.  I always check my hotel rooms for “friends” (bed bugs and other) before I unpack.  Even 5-star hotels can have this issue, so I ALWAYS make sure I will be able to make it through the night.  This room passed the test and I didn’t find any sign of activity.  You could see some wear and tear on the future and fixtures but it wasn’t too bad.

Bathroom: 3.5 of 5

The size was good (EU standards) and ok (US standards).  They included bar soap, plastic cups, a hair dryer and one-time use shampoo/conditioner packets.  I rarely use the provided products so I can’t comment on the quality.  However, the hair dryer worked well on the high setting.  The water pressure was GREAT!! AND HOT!  I didn’t want to get out of the shower.  It probably had something to do with my long day of traveling but still it was very nice. The tile could use a good re-grouting but other than that the bathroom was clean.

Breakfast: 3.5 of 5

The included breakfast was standard EU provisions.  There were a selection of breads, meats, cheeses, freshly sliced fruits, yogurt, granola, beets?, nutella, boiled and scrambled eggs, sausages that looked a lot like hot dogs, coffee, tea bags, and a juice machine.

Everything was fresh and plentiful so I was happy with the arrangement.  I was slightly let down by the decaf tea options.  I rarely expect to find “good” decaf coffee, so I prefer decaf/herbal teas while traveling abroad.  They only had one decaf tea available, so I drank this every morning with breakfast. Note: I’m allergic to caffeine (causes major migraines) in larger quantities so I typically stay away from it when I can.

Location: 4 of 5* This city has Uber*

My Hotel Apollon is about 20 minutes by train outside of the main part of the Old Town.  There is a train stop right outside that takes you to pretty much everywhere you need to go (Line 9).  The transit system in Prague is pretty easy to maneuver even with the language barrier.

WiFi: 2 of 5

They do provide free WiFi in all areas of this hotel, however, the service is pretty dodgy.  There are times when it was fast but more often than not it was slow loading while using it on my phone and laptop. Excruciatingly slow.

Overall: 3 of 5

I would stay at this hotel again especially because it is budget friendly.  The train ride into the main part of town is really easy to use and also the cheapest option.  Taking a Uber into the Old Town was only about $6-8, so if you don’t like public transportation there are still options. There are definitely nicer options available in Prague. But if you are looking for a clean hotel with breakfast and easy access to all the sites, this one fits the bill.

Here is the link to book My Hotel Apollon for your stay in Prague!

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